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Senate Bill 11-040, passed in 2011, requires student-athletes to be evaluated and cleared by a health care professional following a concussion. The combination of this legislation along with the heightened awareness of concussion has more youth seeking medical care for concussions. Unfortunately, many health care professionals have not received up-to-date education on the best practices of concussion management. To address this discrepancy and prevent mismanagement it is imperative that health care professionals in Colorado have access to concussion education and training. It is equally important to ensure that the content learned is/can be applied to practice which should allow for improved outcomes of patients.

The Colorado Youth Concussion Education Consortium (CYCEC) was formed in August of 2013 with the goal of promoting thorough, consistent, and empirically-based concussion education for the diagnosis and management of youth concussions. It is composed of concussion experts from various health systems and agencies across Colorado. These health systems and agencies include: Children’s Hospital Colorado, HealthONE, Centura, Western Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, Rocky Mountain Health Plans, Craig Hospital, Colorado Mountain Medical, Colorado Department of Education (CDE), and the Brain Injury Alliance of Colorado (BIAC).

An in-person training and educational webpage were developed with the help of grant funding from the Colorado Traumatic Brain Injury Trust Fund and the COPIC Medical Foundation.

BIAC is proud to have co-facilitated this multi-year project with CDE!

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Liz Gerdeman, Director of Professional Programs

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