Colorado Disability Benefits Support Program (DBS)

DBS assists individuals with disabilities, including those with chronic conditions/illnesses, to acquire income, health insurance and other basic needs to stabilize their lives, health and living situations.

DBS Direct Services:

• Assists individuals with disabilities, including those with chronic conditions/illnesses to develop and file a Social Security Administration (SSA) Disability benefits’ application and monitors the status of submitted applications.
• Provides basic needs (housing, food, medical care) referrals for individuals with disabilities who have these unmet needs.
• Offers application assistance on available and relevant Medicaid-related services.
• Provides post-enrollment services to individuals approved for SSA disability benefits programs and Medicaid-related services.
• Delivers services in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.
• Serves ages 17 and a half up to 65 years.
• Provides all services at no-cost to client.

Contact Name
Peter Pike