DOC Personal Injury Medical Professionals

DOC Personal Injury is the premier car accident treatment facility in the Denver/Boulder region. We offer an integrative team of Providers who can help you return to normal function and find relief. Our Medical Director, Dr. Michael Tracy DO and Vestibular Therapist Dr. Mary Finck DPT, provide collaborative care to individuals who have suffered Traumatic Brain Injury. Our Rehabilitation team also consists of Chiropractic Providers and Massage Therapists who address physical injury by utilizing progressive Soft Tissue Mobilization Techniques, Dry Needling and Cupping Therapies in combination with Therapeutic Exercise to find quick and efficient results. We also coordinate care with Cognitive Therapists to address memory and cognitive issues, with all Providers working to provide patient-centered treatment solutions so individuals can return to their prior of level of function as fast as possible.

380 Empire Rd
Lafayette, CO 80026
(720) 639-5660
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