Mapleton Center for Rehabilitation

The Mapleton Center for Rehabilitation operates within Boulder's Community Hospital (BCH) and provides the most comprehensive approach to rehabilitation services in the Boulder Valley. BCH offers patients of all ages a full range of services including physical, speech and occupational therapies, counseling, case management and nursing treatments. Available on an inpatient or outpatient basis, BCH experts work to address patients' physical, emotional, social, cognitive and vocational needs.

The following is a list of some of the clinical areas where BCH has special expertise: Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorders; Degenerative Neurological Conditions (Alzheimer's , etc.); Feeding and Swallowing Disorders; Orthopedic Conditions; Pain Management; Stroke; and NeuroTrauma (Brain Injury). Mapleton Center for Rehabilitation provides proven, comprehensive and individualized treatment for all types of Brain Injury (BI), from mild to severe.

PO Box 9049
311 Mapleton Ave
Boulder, CO 80301-9049