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Dysexecutive Syndrome, or deficiencies in Executive Functioning Skills, are the invisible disability, often leaving children and adolescents frustrated, unmotivated, and without hope. As an Executive Functioning Coach, I work with children and adolescents on developing skills to become effective learners and provide tools for independently managing working memory, reasoning, task flexibility, problem solving, emotional/behavioral regulation, planning and execution. We don't use check lists and we don't organize your binders; clients are given intake testing in order to drive an individualized, goal based program with frequent progress monitoring. Students are observed in their school and home setting. Training occurs in an office setting, following mastery, skills are then generalized to the school and home, gradually leading to the independent execution of skills. The aim of Executive Functioning Coaching is to empower the client by providing them internalized competency in problem solving. In addition, coaching provides tools to families and school staff, in order to develop a partnership for success across settings.

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