Revive Treatment Centers

My name is Ron Bilodeau, and I'm one of the neuromuscular rehab therapists (and meditation instructors) here at Revive Treatment Centers in Wheat Ridge, CO, and I handle a large portion of our business development as well. I'm reaching out to send some info about our clinic, as we are seeing consistently profound results in treating mTBI / PCS.

We are a multidisciplinary, outpatient clinic specializing in mTBI/Concussion, stroke, and PTSD. Our medical director is Dan Engle, MD, who is board certified in neurology and psychiatry, and well known for his work in regenerative medicine and transformational medicine. He wrote the book 'The Concussion Repair Manual' and has appeared on countless podcasts including The Joe Rogan Experience, The Tim Ferriss Show, and many more. Our approach at Revive is multidisciplinary and holistic, as we focus on the 3 crucial components to recovery: 1.) neurological, 2.) metabolic, and 3.) psychiatric.

We utilize research-based diagnostics to assess function of visual systems, vestibular systems, and neurocognitive / psychiatric conditions in order to see exactly which areas of the nervous system are underperforming. Our findings in these diagnostics and neurological examinations inform our targeted therapeutic programs, so each individual patient receives a specific, customized treatment plan just for them. We understand that healing the body's metabolic dysfunction (i.e. gut biome, hormonal imbalances, etc.) and repairing damage caused by prescription medications, diet, and lifestyle must happen in order for any neurological changes to actually stick. We often run comprehensive blood tests to get to the root of the metabolic dysfunction, and spend lots of time with each patient working through their mindset and overall psychiatric issues that come with a brain injury.

Some of the therapy modalities we offer: - repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) - hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) - eye therapy - sensory motor integration - stimulation of cranial nerves - vagus nerve stimulation - rotational therapy (GyroStim) - cold laser therapy - functional movement therapy - breathing, mindfulness, meditation - ketamine assisted psychotherapy - NAD+ infusions - vitamin, mineral, amino acid IV infusions - exosomes - stem cell therapy - customized nutrition plan

You can read our reviews online (Google, Facebook, etc.) and get a feel for the level of caring and expertise that our entire team offers.

4885 Ward Rd
Suite 300
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033
(860) 681-4976