Women and Brain Injury Blog

I’ve had 5 brain injuries including aneurysm brain surgery. My first two was when I was around 6 and 7 and the other 3 as an adult.
After my third TBI and continuing my work as a therapist did I finally understand why emotional trauma lingers on long after the initial injury. It didn’t matter how many times I was told me there’s nothing wrong with you, its all in your mind and given a script for an antidepressant telling me as they got up to say good-bye “you’ll be fine”.
Yet I knew there was something wrong with me and after being discarded and invalidated so many times not only did I have my work to do, but I believed I could help so many other women. And this has become my passion.
Education is so important for everyone and to understand what “Invisible Injury” means. If there is not a good support system from families, partners and friends fear, anger and isolation increase hugely.
I’ve worked with women for many years and knew I wanted to start a blog called… “Women and Brain Injury”. This blog is for women to have a voice, share our stories, be validated and to know we are not alone. And that we are not crazy.

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Glenda Lynn