The Black Brain Film

The Black Brain is a documentary that follows award-winning duo Director Zoë Salnave and Producer Lauren Lindberg, as they embark on a nation-wide journey to understand and bring awareness to the “invisible injury.”

Fueled by personal and familial experience, the filmmakers set out to centralize concussions and Traumatic Brain Injury in the mental health conversation.

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Ogborn Mihm LLP Trial Lawyers

Ogborn Mihm is a full-service litigation firm of trial-tested and accomplished lawyers who handle complex cases across a wide spectrum of practice areas, focusing primarily on cases with a significant likelihood of going to trial.

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BIAC Clinical Therapy Services

It’s very common to experience emotional struggle after a brain injury, and with the right help, you can feel better. BIAC understands how difficult it can be to find behavioral and mental health counseling from professionals who understand the relationship between mental health and brain injury.

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BIAC’s Commitment to Equality

The Brain Injury Alliance of Colorado (BIAC) serves survivors of brain injury across our state. In our state, and in our country, we know that many people of color are hurting. What we know about brain injuries is that they do not discriminate, a brain injury can happen to anyone. However, health disparities among racial/ethnic […]

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My favorite part of PPC was seeing all the smiling faces and excitement of survivors, family and friends of survivors, and professionals all united to raise awareness about brain injury.

— Donna


I’m very grateful that I got connected to other survivors and people who have similar interests through BIAC! One of the biggest highlights of my recovery was snowboarding through BIAC.

— Zach