Brain Injury Alliance of Colorado

Poetry Workshop


with Suzi Q. Smith:  poet, teacher, activist, mother

Writing poems is strong medicine. Making them helps us recover, re-create, and re-establish our own purposes and meanings, our own identities and relationships, especially after a life-changing trauma, illness, or injury.

Poems have healing powers. They restore access to our deepest inner resources for resilience and perseverance.

Writing poetry can help us find our way when we are lost, and help us keep moving when we are convinced we cannot walk another step.  This workshop will introduce you to “the healing art of making poems” and provide opportunities to practice the art.


A FREE 10-session poetry workshop for adult survivors of brain injury.

Textbooks and refreshments will be provided.

Learn about Suzi Q. Smith:

Date & Time:
Every other Tuesday, January 15th – May 21st
2:00pm – 3:30pm

Brain Injury Alliance of Colorado
1325 S. Colorado Blvd, B300
Denver, CO  80222

Questions?  Contact Heather at or 720-907-1455