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A brand new model of brain injury case management offered to youth and adults state-wide

Through a competitive bidding process with the State of Colorado, the Brain Injury Alliance of Colorado (BIAC) has been awarded an opportunity to greatly expand our services to children/youth and adults with brain injuries. These services are free to anyone with a brain injury who lives in Colorado. There are no income or insurance eligibility criteria to participate.

BIAC’s new model of case management includes:

  • A team approach – clients may have multiple BIAC staff members working with them to achieve their case management goals
  • A local presence – BIAC has case management staff living in the home region of their clients
  • A proactive mindset – BIAC case managers contact their clients proactively at regular intervals to check in on them
  • A continuation of services from youth through adulthood
  • Classes and workshops tailored to brain injury
  • For youth: Specialized Support and Consultation for school-related issues for children/youth with TBI

We are the organization that survivors and families can turn to, with trusted staff who will listen, understand their situation, and provide them with solutions to help navigate their path to recovery.

We know that suffering an injury to the brain can leave survivors and their families feeling overwhelmed, helpless and lost. Our creative and collaborative statewide services give them support, guidance, and hope.

BIAC’s approach to case management services is one in which we are allies for our clients. Our staff are the knowledgeable, organized, positive, and professionally-connected supporters that not every survivor has as a resource in their life. BIAC staff are the collaborators and creative problem-solvers, helping to find resources survivors need to become their own self-advocates.

This expansion supports our vision that all persons with a brain injury thrive in their communities.


With funding from The Colorado Brain Injury Program


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