Brain Injury Alliance of Colorado

Who We Are

The Brain Injury Alliance of Colorado is the go-to resource for help and services for survivors of an injury to the brain, their families, and providers.

That all persons with a brain injury thrive in their community.

Through guidance, resources, support, and education, we seek to engage with Coloradans in the lifelong growth of those affected by an injury to the brain.

The Brain Injury Alliance of Colorado is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Board of Directors

Jennifer Biggs
Craig Hospital

Cheryl Catsoulis
A Wildflower Assisted Living

Eric Dinnen
Ernst & Young

Tristen Smith
Morgan Stanley Wealth Management

Norine Hemphill
Children’s Hospital Colorado

Paul Herzog
Cresa Denver

Katherine Plog Martinez
Owner & Lead Facilitator, KP Facilitation

Russha Knauer
Colorado Judicial Branch

Angela McGraw
Burg Simpson

Sarah Brittain
Colorado Brain Recovery

Patrick Sablich
Rose Community Foundation

Keith Fuicelli
Fuicelli & Lee P.C.

Charlie Stine
Rocky Mountain Health Care Services

Steve Harlan
U.S. Bank

Eric Spier
BIAC Medical Director

Kenny Hosack
BIAC Founder
Lifetime Honorary Board Member


Gavin Attwood

Chief Executive Officer

Max Winkler, CBIS
Director of Client Programs

Liz Gerdeman, MA
Director of Professional Programs

Lisa Cheney-Philp, MURP
Director of Human Resources

Heather Walker, MPH, CHES, CBIS
Deputy Director of Client Programs

Jaime Horsfall, MA, CBIS
Deputy Director of Professional Programs

Cari Ledger, EdS, NCSP, CBIS
Youth Education Liaison

Ellen Kordonowy, CBIS
Systems Outreach Coordinator

Seija Curtin, LCP, ILST, CBIS
Peer Mentorship Coordinator

Linda Heesch
Recreation Programs Coordinator

Mark Condon
Statewide Support Group Coordinator
To find out more about Mark as a Professional Speaker, click here

Tina Ziwak
Special Events Coordinator

Veronica Phelan
Office Coordinator

Edna Lugo, CBIS
Brain Injury Resource Navigator

Niko Medina, CBIS
Brain Injury Resource Navigator

Susan Brown, MA
Brain Injury Resource Navigator

Josh Vensor, MSW
Brain Injury Resource Navigator

Alix McGlothan
Brain Injury Resource Navigator

Liam Donevan
Brain Injury Resource Navigator

Brinda Dungan, CBIS
Brain Injury Resource Navigator

Carol Cochran, MA, CBIS
Brain Injury Resource Navigator

Devon Emmanuel
Brain Injury Resource Navigator

George Rubinstein, MSW
Brain Injury Advisor

Denice Enriquez, CBIS
Brain Injury Advisor

Kimberly Nihon, CBIS
Brain Injury Advisor

Kate Kerkmans, LSW, CBIS
Brain Injury Advisor & Counselor

Peggy Hugger, RN, CBIS
Brain Injury Advisor

Riann Holiday
Brain Injury Advisor

Audrey McNeely, CBIS
Brain Injury Resource Navigator and Advisor

Paula Pyc
Brain Injury Resource Navigator and Advisor

Julie Pomerantz
Brain Injury Resource Navigator and Advisor