Brain Injury Alliance of Colorado

2020 Brain Injury Symposium Virtual Webinars

Getting Hit, Getting Up, Moving Beyond: The Mindset of Resilience

Joanne Cohen, MA, CTAT

The Corona-Coaster: Ups and Downs

Billie Ratliff

Benefits of Resource Navigation

Dr. Lance Trexler, MD

Tips and Tools to Improve Sleep Post Brain Injury

Kate Kerkmans, MA

Benefits Counseling: Unlock the Power and Possibility of Work

Anne Christensen, MA & Melanie Honsbruch, CPWIC

Have You Been Using a Hammer When You Really Need a Screwdriver?

Russha Knauer, MA, Tobin Wright, MS and Joe Creel

Customized Employment: An Effective Pathway Toward Community Integration Through Employment

Brian Dean, MA

Connection, Loneliness and Finding Meaning

Kate Kerkmans, MA