Brain Injury Alliance of Colorado

Peer Mentorship Program

The Power of Peer

Have you ever been inspired to give back to other brain injury survivors as someone who “has been there?” Have you ever thought your life could improve by talking to someone that “really understands because they know what it is like to have a brain injury?”

Our amazing team of Volunteer Mentors share their lived experience and wisdom to support a peer. The program uses a person-centered approach to make matches for the benefit of both peers and mentors. A great mentor candidate is a survivor who is at least 2 years out from initial injury, demonstrating resilience, and has strong interpersonal skills. A great peer candidate is a survivor who recognizes their need for support, can understand the role and limitations of a mentor, and is ready to move forward in some ways.

As a Mentor, you’ll have the opportunity to receive:

  • Professional development opportunities.
  • A cash stipend of $100 per match.
  • Access to brain injury training & webinars.
  • Networking opportunities with other mentors.
  • And more!


Mentoring through BIAC has been a great way for me to see others with TBI who have had similar experiences to my own. The program’s focus on resilience has been a great way to reframe my own continued challenges with TBI and also a great way to encourage my mentee in his recovery. My mentee has helped me to recall many of the challenges I have faced throughout my own recovery, both in the past and present.”

“Not only do I have newfound confidence and inspiration as a mentor that I can help another brain injury survivor/thriver but I am also finding in myself my increasing confidence, inspiration, and inner strength.”

This Mentorship opportunity has allowed myself to build a relationship with another individual that like me, faces daily aggravating challenges living with a TBI. This opportunity has allowed myself to become more open and share ways I overcome those challenges. I have been strengthening my skills with communication and not only am I helping someone else navigate setting and reaching goals, but I have been able to strengthen my own skills in those areas.

Contact Information

Chris Gonzales

Program Manager - Peer Mentorship
Phone: 303-223-0731