Brain Injury Alliance of Colorado

Research Studies

Below is a list of research studies in the brain injury field.  Please contact the coordinators of each study with any questions.  If they are no longer recruiting individuals, please let us know and we will remove the flyer.

Another way to find research studies is to visit and search by location or criteria (ex: “mild TBI”)


The Craig Hospital Research Department has a number of studies actively recruiting members of the community right now. Click here to visit their website with a full list.


Medical Center of the Rockies – UCHealth Trauma Research is providing many opportunities for members of the community to participate in active research. Click on their logo to see information about their latest TBI study.

Mount Sinai


TBI and Health in Adults


UCCS Research FlyerUniversity of Colorado, Denver





UCCS Research FlyerUniversity of Colorado, Colorado Springs





Attention Fund IM

Interactive Metronome Therapy (Colorado Springs/Veterans)



IllinoisResearchCommunity Experience and Wellness






Early Intervention and Robots




Craig Flyer Interpersonal Skills Treatment for TBI Survivors





Improved Well Being Improved Well-Being After TBI Through Structured Activity





VetStudy Group Therapy for Veterans with TBI





PostConcussion Active Duty Military with Persistent Post-Concussive Symptoms After a Mild TBI




Caregiver Emotional Impact of TBI on Caregivers and Family





Research Advertisement ver3 color 103012  Brain Injury and Alcohol Use