BIAC’s Commitment to Equality

The Brain Injury Alliance of Colorado (BIAC) serves survivors of brain injury across our state. In our state, and in our country, we know that many people of color are hurting. What we know about brain injuries is that they do not discriminate, a brain injury can happen to anyone. However, health disparities among racial/ethnic minorities can and do impact a survivor’s outcome following an injury. Considering these, and other, systemic inequalities in health care, we at BIAC feel it necessary to affirm our organization’s belief in the value and sanctity of black life.

BIAC is committed to closing the barriers to services for survivors and working to address broader, systemic barriers by impacting policy to increase access to services. We have programs that specifically target some of BIAC’s most marginalized populations like those experiencing homelessness or incarceration – populations that are disproportionately people of color. As an agency, we prioritize inclusivity in our hiring practices and ongoing staff training. We encourage personal and professional growth through lifelong learning and civic engagement. Most of all, we listen. What current circumstances are telling us is to continue to listen and to ensure that the voices of survivors of a brain injury especially in marginalized communities are heard.

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