4 thoughts on “What is a Brain Injury?

  1. Not so sure I like how the wording was done around explaining what happens to the brain (the yolk visual). I would have liked to hear that there are therapies that might help people get some of their skills/abilities back. That section left me feeling hopeless. The is such amazing work around neuroplasticity and the brain.

    • Hi Alison,
      Thanks for your feedback. In raising awareness and educating the broader public about brain injuries we felt it was important to discuss the damage that can be done. While neurogenesis and neuroplasticity are exciting, in the majority of the brain when a neuron dies, it does not grow back. Many (not all) individuals face lifelong challenges because of this, which we didn’t want to lose sight of – especially since that’s who we as an agency work with. Clients in our support services will absolutely be connected to resources that may be of benefit to them, such as therapies. But often individuals are learning accommodations and strategies to compensate, not re-growing brain cells that were destroyed by the injury. We certainly don’t want individuals to feel hopeless, but we also want to make sure the broader public acknowledges the seriousness of brain injuries.
      As we learn more about the brain through research, we anticipating updating content in materials such as this video.
      Please feel free to contact me directly if you have further questions!
      -Liz Gerdeman, Director of Professional Programs, liz@biacolorado.org, 303.562.3298

  2. Fantastic video! I love how it describes the invisible injury. There are such a range of symptoms and I feel you did a great job generalizing them for the general public.