Impact Vision Therapy

Impact Vision Therapy is a practice with two offices serving the Colorado Springs and South Denver areas. We treat patients with vision related learning problems, such as tracking, ADD/ADHD, and double vision, as well as trauma related vision problems, working with patients of all ages to retrain their brain. The brain plays an integral part in vision and how information is processed. Often, trauma and other brain injuries can affect the way we are accustomed to seeing and how we live our lives. This could mean light sensitivity, headaches, trouble processing information, double vision, nausea, and more. Impact Vision Therapy offers training exercises to enhance the recovery of brain function by stimulating and strengthening visual connections in the brain. Our vision therapists work with the doctor to develop an individualized in-office therapy regime which is supported by at home activities.

1710 Jet Stream Dr
Suite 100
Colorado Springs, CO 80921
El Paso
(719) 302-8922
fax: 1-877-477-3130