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Drug Addiction Recovery in Colorado
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We utilize a wide range of therapies to speak to each client’s head and heart. We help each client understand where their addiction has embedded itself and what it takes to prevent relapse. Therapy ranges from CBT to equine. DBT to experiential. Psychodrama and conflict resolution.

We believe that to build a defense against relapse one needs to prepare their head and heart.

We know that addiction is a disease of the brain and therefore the professionals at Soaring Hope Recovery use the best science available - Low Energy Neurofeedback (LENS) combined with amino acid therapy to repair damage from trauma and PTSD which are for many, the underlying cause of addictive behaviors.

Our staff is now working with the veteran population in the Colorado Springs area - applying the therapies mentioned above and we are having great success in resolving PTSD so they can regain their lives.

Dr Miller, founder of the program believes that you need to teach a person suffering from trauma-induced addictive behaviors to count to 12 before s/he can successfully do the 12- Step program.

By focusing on the underlying issue where rage, depression, and addictive behaviors are embedded, we have a greater response and higher rates of success.

Our clients leave our program fully restored, filled with hope and eager to start living.

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